Water Meter ZENNER WPV

Compound meters were conceived for measuring extremely fluctuating waters amount. For example, in the case of a fire, a very high flow rate must be measured at tap connection where under normal circumstances a domestic meter would be sufficient. In this operation case, the spring loaded valve opens and the main meters also measures the volume flowing through. Typical  locations for these are schools, homes, office buildings, or supply lines of smaller residential areas, where the flow rate must be exactly measured during the night.

Our compound meters are characterized by a high measuring accuracy in the commutation range and the low pressure loss during maximum load. The are simple in design, stable during use and have a relatively low weight. The counter of the main meter is designed as a dry dial meter. The secondary meter, which is usually arranged to the right, is typically a wet dial meter. A variation with the secondary meter arranged to the left, or with other secondary meter types, is available upon request.

Reed sensor, optical and inductive-NAMUR sensors in the counter can always be retrofitted without damaging the calibration seal. The secondary meter is supplied serially retrofittable and can be easily retrofitted with a Reed sensor.


Performance characteristics in overview :

  • Extremely wide measuring range
  • For cold water up to 30°C
  • Evacuated counter protected from condensation
  • Low starting flow and high measuring accuracy
  • Flanges according to DIN 2501, PN 10
  • Secondary meters arranged to the right, upon request to the left
  • Main meter of WPH type
  • For horizontal installation position

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