Water Meter ZENNER WPV-T

The Turbo Compound meter is a special Compound meters designed for measuring extreme fluctuating flow rates. The difference to the normal compound meter is that during periodical replacement the meter body can remain in the piping and only the calibrated measuring insert is  interchanged. The main meter, the secondary meter and the spring loaded valve are all assembled on one plate. The periodical replacement is therefore simple, quick and cost-effective.

The main meter is designed as a Parallel Woltman meter, the secondary meter is a multi-jet measuring cartridge. Only a body, where the secondary meter is arranged on the right side, is available. In order to determine the meter reading, like with the classic Compound meters, the meter reading of the main and the secondary meter need to be added.

Reed sensor, optical and inductive-NAMUR sensors can always be mounted on the counter of the main meter without damaging the calibration seal on the counter. The secondary meter measuring cartridge is serially retrofittable and can be easily retrofitted with a Reed sensor. The integration in data communications and automation and control systems is therewith simple.


Performance characteristics in overview :

  • Interchangeable calibrated measuring insert consisting of main meter, spring loaded valve, and secondary meter.
  • Body remains in the pipeline during the interchange of measuring insert
  • Prevention of deposits, dead water or air pocket accumulation through special construction
  • No measurement errors in the communication range.
  • For cold water up to 30°C (secure up to 50°C)
  • For horizontal installation position
  • Secondary meter at the right side of the main meter.

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