Water Meter Zenner WB-N

Well water meters are vertical Woltman meters with a special design of the body. They can be attached as a wellhead in place of a 90° elbow according to DIN 28537 and DIN 28637.

The body is especially designed for the conditions of a well construction. The well water enters at the underside of the meter, flows through the perpendicular standing turbine and leaves the meter through the 90° elbow. The unique construction of our turbine  ensures low starting values and offers enough reserves in the overload range for reliably measuring high flow rates. The coating on the inside and outside reliably protects the meter from corrosion. Minerals in the water cannot affect the fully encapsulated dry dial counter.

Our design is ideally suited for narrow well shafts with small dimensions. An extra installation spot for a classical Woltman meter does not need to be planned.


Performance characteristic in overview :

  • Removable measuring insert
  • Pulser can be retrofitted without damaging the calibration seal
  • Counter can turn 350°
  • Operating pressure up to 16 bar
  • For measuring a big range of flow rates
  • High pressure design upon request
  • For cold water up to 30°C (security up to 50°C)
  • For horizontal installation in place of 90° elbows according to DIN28537 and DIN 58637 respectively

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