Water Meter Zenner WI-N

Strong loaded water, for example in agriculture, wastewater treatment plants, or sewage works requires especially robust meters that are also working reliably under difficult conditions. Our irrigation meter achieve this by having their measuring insert arranged in the upper part of the pipe where, in flowing water, usually only few suspended particles are found. The meter can easily handle a load ratio of up to30%. We recommend an addition of external filters in front of the meter for very strong load.

The factory tested measuring insert is the same for all meter  sizes and is available in the following measuring accuracies :


Qmax-Qt: ±3% (Value Class A + B)

Qt-Qmin: ±5% (Value Class A)


The roller counter is fully encapsulated and therewith protected from impurities. The meters are serially available with a lockable metal protecting cover, which reliably protects the counter under rough conditions.

Retrofitting with active and passive pulsers is possible at any time without damaging the calibration seal. All common sensor variations are available with Reed sensors,optical and inductive-NAMUR sensors; the integration in data communications and automation and control system is therewith simple.


Performance characteristics in overview

  • Meter for loaded water or as a control meter for raw water
  • Easy to maintain through removable measuring insert
  • Measuring accuracy corresponding to Class A
  • For horizontal and vertical installation position

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