Single-Jet Zenner ETK-N-C

Our new ETK-N-C is a meter suitable for high flow rates with measuring accuracy of class C.

Developed for the very exact measuring of water amounts, especially in the starting flow range, combined with a wide load range, this meter type will be used either for the highly accurate measuring of strongly fluctuating flow rates amounts, or as an alternative to the classic Compound meters with main and secondary meters.


The inflowing water is accelerated according to the venturi-principle at the inlet and tangentially hits the turbine wheel. Thereby extremely low starting values can be attained with simultaneously high overload guarantee. In the starting flow range similar to a secondary meter of a WPV, it has sufficient reserve in the upper floe range to be capable of accurately measuring very high flow rates.

In contrast to the Woltman meters, the ETK-N-C does not require an inlet straight pipe section, because as a single-jet meter it is not sensitive to a twisted flow profile. Approved in vertical and horizontal positions, this meter type is very flexible and can be an alternative for almost all the classic Compound metes.


Performance  characteristic in overview

  • Can be retrofitted with pulsers
  • Turnable counter
  • Good long-term measuring stability
  • Wide measuring range
  • High accuracy in the lower measuring range
  • Coated body-optimal protection
  • High overload security
  • For vertical and horizontal installation
  • For cold water up to 30°C (secure up to 50°C)

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