Pressure Gauge WIKA Model A2G-10


The model A2G-10 differential pressure gauge is used for monitoring the differential in ventilation and air-conditioning applications. The measuring ranges cover from 0…50 Pa to 0…12,500 Pa. Plus/minus ranges can be fulfilled from -100 … +100 Pa to -1,500 … +1,500 Pa.

The separated construction of the pressure measurement chamber and display area ensures that impurities from the process air do not settle on the back of the window. As a result of the 2-part construction (measuring element and mounting ring), the A2G-10 can be exceptionally easily and quickly mounted.

The differential pressure gauge is available with ingress protection IP54 and IP65.

The A2G-10 is available in two mounting variants. The built-in variants is notable for a fast and tool-free mounting. The differential pressure gauge features two G 1/8″-IG connections on the back, into which watching threaded pressure connections are screwed.

The add-on variant mounted with three scres into an add-on case. Subsequently, the measuring capsule is placed into the case. The differential pressure gauge features two G 1/8″-IGconnections on the back, into which matching threaded pressure connections are screwed. The position of each connections can be altered through 90° by rotating the add-on case.

In a special version, the A2G-10 is available as a silicone-free product.


  • For monitoring the differential pressure of air and other non-inflammable and on-aggressive gases.
  • Differential pressure monitoring in filters and clean rooms.


  • Simple and quick mounting
  • Two-part construction (measuring element ad case)
  • Integrated sealing element for direct installation in an air duct or instrument panel
  • Available as a built-in or add-on version
  • Maximum operating pressure 20 kPa

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