Pressure Gauge WIKA Model 131.11


The compact model 131.11 Bourdon tube pressure gauge is constructed with a case and wetted parts from stainless steel. The instrument meets the requirements of the international industry standard EN 837-1.

The modular design enables a multitude of combination of process connections, nominal sizes and scale ranges. Due to this high varience, the instrument is suitable for use in a wide range of applications within industry.

The instrument is frequently used as a failure alarm indicator on gas cylinders. With its copact design ans moderate purchase costs, the pressure gauge also qualifies foe machine-building and plant-construction applications.

Due to the use of high-quality stainless steel materials and its robust design, the instrument is suitable for liquid and gaseous media, also in aggressive environments.

For mounting in control panels, the pressure gauges can be fitted with a surface mounting flange or with a triangular bezel and mounting bracket.



  • For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising , also in aggressive environtments.
  • Machine building and general plant construction
  • Indication of failure alarm on gas cylinders
  • CDA (clean dry air) applications


  • Case and wetted parts from stainless steel
  • Cost-rffective and reliable
  • Scale ranges from 0…1 to 0….1.000 bar



EN 837-1

Nominal size in mm
40, 50, 63
Accuracy class

Scale ranges

NS 40, 50: 0 … 1 to 0 … 600 bar

NS 63: 0 … 1 to 0 … 1,000 bar

or all other equivalent vacuum or combined pressure and vacuum ranges

Pressure limitation

Steady: 3/4 x full scale value

Fluctuating: 2/3 x full scale value

Short time: Full scale value
Permissible temperature

Ambient: -40 … +60 °C

Medium: +100 °C maximum
Temperature effect

When the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature

(+20 °C): max. ±0.4 %/10 K of full scale value

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