Pompa Celup Pedrollo/Deep Wel Pump Pedrollo 4 SR Series


Range Of Performance
Flow rate up to 300 l/min (18 m3/h)
Haed up to 128 m

Limits Of Use
Liquid temperature up to +30°C
Maximum sand content 150 g/m3
Starts/hour : 20 at regular intervals

Installation and Use
They are recommended for pumping clean water with a sand content no higher than 150 g/m3

Their High efficiency and reliability make them suitable for ise in the domestic

Civil and industrial sectors including
For water supplies as part of a pressure set, irrigation washdown systems

Pressure boosting and fire fighting systems

Standard Features :

4SRm (single phase) Power cable 1.5 metres long (2.5 metres for motors over 3 kw)

Capacitor supplied loose with pedrollo motos

4SR (three-phase) Power cable 1.5 metres long 92.5 metres for powers higher tahn 3 kW)

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