Yanmar Pump L70N

Exceeding Power and Environmental Expectations

Design with Yanmar’s proprietary direct injection technology.

Maximum combustion efficiency is realized through the ideal match between, the combustion chambar and injection system. This means a powerful, but environmentally friendly engine.

Compact, Direct injectio Engine = Easy installation & Loq Fuel Consumption

Keeping with the tradition of compact design, the new L-N series simple to install. It fits in cramped spaces without sacrificing power and performaces. Yanmar’s proprietary direct injection technology allows the engine to sip rather than gorge on fuel. This means lower running cost in the world of rising fuel prices.

Low Vibration and Low Noise

Superior vibration and noise reduction is achieved through the use of precision balancers. This leads to operating comfort even under ong work hours.

Quick and Easy Start

Starting is a breeze with the standard recoil starter. Starter motor and switch are also available as on option.

The total FIE expertise only a complete diesel maker can provide

Yanmar developed the miniaturized fuel injection system, one of the world’s smallest. We have since raised it to a level of efficiency that you maximum power from every drop of diesel. Its extradinarily low fuel consumption is a result of this super-precise FIE and its direct injection system – the first ever to go into this type of engine.

A little engine built to stand up to hard work

The design, structure and materials of the L-N combine to form a rugged, hard working machine. With tough but light alloys used for main engine parts, an extra tough crankshaft an overal simplified structure the L-N is a compact package of power.

Fast effortless starts from a one-pull recoil starter

A short and smooth pull of the toggle kicks ff the engine, as simple as a gasoline model. It is made easy by a special auto return decompppressor and yanmar’s own efficient combustion system. Electric starting is also a useful option.

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