TORNADO and Mister III PDS 03-16


Pulse-Jet Engine Thermal Mister

Dispensed wettable powders, emulsifiable concentrates and flowables with a non-flammable carrier at a eare of pum to 12 GPH. Mister III Pro gives you easy, reliable strats. Fast economical and total coverage. Mister III Po has the versatility to dispense fungicides, insecticides, germicides and disinfectants such as : Wettable powders, emulsifiable concentrates, flowables or liquids in a variety of applications : greenhouses, warehouses, food processing plants, swine/poultry houses and more.

Features : 

  • Dispenses wettable powders, emulifiable concentrates and flowables with a non-flammable carrier at a eare of up to 12 GPH
  • Patended electric starting system eliminates hand pumping
  • Corrosion resistant polyethylene formulation and gasoline tanks
  • Removable battery holder for easy access
  • 3 position switch enables operator to select from a choice of battery supply for starting
  • Auxiiary start battery cable with ful function remote control
  • High output 12 VDC Diaphragm Pump

Specification : 

  • Type : Thermal Mister, resonant pulse principle
  • Formulation output : 0-12 US. Gal/hr 2.3 Liter/hr, interchangeable orifice, Matering Valve (Optional)
  • Engine Performance : 44 Hp/hr, 33 kW/hr
  • Fuel Consuption : 6 US Gal/hr 2.3 Liters/hr
  • Weight (empty) : 39 lbs. 17.7 kg
  • Fuel tank Capacity : 1 U.S Gallons 3.78 liters
  • Formulation Tank Capacity : 3. U.S Gallons 11.4 Liters
  • Power Supply : (8) 1.5 V”D” size alkaline batteries or va 12 VDC automobile”cigarette lighter”adapter.


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