Deskripsi Produk SUPER RITE SERIES 999 METER

Super Rite Series 999 Meter

Detail Product :

– Design Features
–  3/4″ or 1″ NPT female inlet and outlet ports
  Recommended for 5 to 20 GPM (19 to 76 LPM) output 1± 1% accuracy 150 PSI maximum pressure
  Meters fluid at temperatures from -15∞F (-26∞C) to 150∞F (66∞C)
  Weatherproof, corrosion resistant
–  Zero reset unit wheels have large 11/16″ figures
–  Easy to read totalizer registers to 99,999.9 gallons
–  Compact design – 8″ x 6″ x 6″ (200 x 150 x 150 mm
Counter Assembly
For access to counter assembly, remove reset knob (item 3) by grasping edges and pulling firmly. Knob is held in place by a spring clip. Loosen two screws (item 29) and lift counterface (item 2) and cover (item 1) off. Remove two screws (item 13) to extract counter (item 4). Reassemble by reversing procedure.
Meter Chamber Assembly
To expose meter chamber assembly, tilt the meter at least slightly face down, so that no parts fall out when removing
meter housing. Remove the four screws (item 20), then remove meter housing (item 19). Meter chamber assembly consists of upper and lower chambers, a nutating disc and seal gasket. Reassemble by reversing procedure.
If replacement of any components of the meter chamber assembly is required, the complete assembly must be replaced due to the precise method of its construction. This assures a proper fit and a correctly operating chamber
The Super-Rite Series 800C meters can be calibrated for either U.S. gallons or liters. Calibration is required after
disassembly, when metering a different fluid, or after significant wear. Depending on the model, Series 800C meters are calibrated at the factory, metering Stoddard solvent in either U.S. gallons or liters. Meter calibration can be easily changed by following the calibration procedure listed below. A proving container or a container of KNOWN volume will be needed for the calibration procedure. It is recommended that the containerís volume be at least five times larger than the unit of calibration. For example, a five gallon container should be used when calibrating for gallons.

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