Submersible Pump Ebara BEST 2-5

Submersible electric pumps completely in AISI 304 stainless steel.


  • Moving seepage water
  • Draining cellars, garages and basements
  • Draining small to medium cellars

Technical Details

  • Versatile
  • They can be used in fixed or mobile installations
  • Equipped with 10 m H07 RN-F power supply cable
  • Available with or without float

Technical Data

  • Maximum immersion : 10 m
  • Maximum temperature of the liquid : 35 °C
  • Ma. solids size for passage : 10 mm
  • Self-ventilated 2 pole asynchronous motor
  • Class of insulation F
  • IP 68 protection F
  • 230V±, 50 Hz single phase voltage
    400V±, 50 Hz three phase voltage
  • Permanent capacitor inserted and thermo-amperometric protection with automatic rearm incorporated for the single phase motor
  • Protection under users responsibility for the three phase version
  • Discharge with connection : G 1 1/2

Materials : 

  • Pump body, impeller, suction grill, motor cover, sela housing disc and motor case in AISI 304
  • Shaft in AISI 303
  • Twin mechanical seal with oil chamber
    – Upper in carbon/ ceramic/ NBR (motor side)
    – Lower in sic/sic/NBR (Pump side)

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