Smith Meter Genesis Series Oil Flow Meter

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MC Technologies’ Smith Meter® Genesis™ Series offers 2- and 3-inch single case, positive displacement, rotary vane meters that are designed for accuracy and reliability for today’s custody transfer market. Relying on nearly a century of experience in the petroleum measurement field, FMC Technologies designed the Genesis Series PD meters for refined product blending and small crude oil production pipeline applications while offing longevity and application versatility that out-measures the competition.

Available in 2” (GSC2) and 3” (GSC3) sizes, the Genesis series offers a variety of benefits:

  • Wide Flow Range– Linear performance up to a 50:1 flow turndown which make the Genesis Series ideal for terminal blending and low flow applications.
  • Improved Performance– Every meter is factory optimized by utilizing the performance of a “master meter” to set the standard.
  • Reliability– By design, Genesis meters offer a significantly higher capability to pass product contaminates that other PD designs. All gear trains are eliminated along with an overall 40% reduction in mechanical parts.
  • Integrity– Thanks to the combination of reduced wear and significantly improved accuracy, this robust meter provides the highest measurement stability for your measurement data.
  • Integrated Electronics– The meter’s electronics are mounted directly into the meter for direct dual pulse.
  • Low Cost of Ownership– Horizontal shaft design with ceramic hybrid ball bearings and PEEK ™ ployetheretherketone wear strips significantly reduce wear on the blade tip. The elimination of the gear train allows for low maintenance, less components, and reduced downtime.
  • Environmentally Friendly– No packing gland ensures no VOC gases will leak into the environment.
  • Easy Integration– Vertical and horizontal installations are possible.

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