Pressurized Spray Gun Prona R-403-IP

Function and Characteristics

  • It is gravity type of feed, pressurized, upper fluid cup spray gun, fluid cup air pressure can be adjusted by throttle valve, suitable for hight viscosity coatings speed up spraying. Atomize uniformly, less coating flies off, coating adhesion high.
  • Fill pressure Type R403-IP : the way to fill pressure throttle valve on gun body, when working, the fluid cup is pressure can not exceed 2kg/ cm²
  • Gravity type of spray gun is operated steadly, with light intensity filter in fluid cup can obstruct improve smoothness of surface.
  • Nozzle and needles are made by stainless steel, suitable for water-based paints.

Specification Product :

Weight : 620 g

Fluid Nozzle Orifice : 1.2/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.8/2.0/2.5

Air pressure : 2.0-3.0 bar (0.2-0.29 Mpa)

Air Consumption : 270-380 L/min

Pattern Width : 230-340 mm

Spray Distance : 250 mm

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