Pompa Centrifugal Stainless INOXPA EFI Series Sus 316

Description : 

EFI 2003 Info :

The EFI is a stainless-steal centrifugal pump for decanting water and other fluids.

It is designed to cater for the needs of all auxiliary services in the food-processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and wine-making industries, among others.

Housed inside the casing, the impeller rotates in conjuction with the shaft. With this arrangement, the impeller blades convey energy to the fluid in the form of kinetic energy and pressure energy.

The pump is not reversible by simple reversal of the direction of rotation. The direction of rotation is clockwise when the pump is viewed from the rear side of the motor.

  • Type : EFI 2003
  • Output : 0.37 kW
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Torque : 2900 RPM
  • Max capacity : 6 m3/ hour
  • Max head : 10 m

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