Pompa Celup Pedrollo Vortex ZVXM-1A (AUTO)

Description : 

Pompa Celup Pedrollo Vortex ZVXM-1A (AUTO)

Performance Range
Flow rate up to 300 l/min 918 m3/h)
Dynamic head up to +40°C

Operating Limits
Maximum operating depth 5 m below water level
Fluid temperature up to +40°C
Maximum passage for suspended solids ø 35 mm
Maximum emptying level 40 mm from the bottom

Pump Installation and Application
ZVX pumps are designed to lift dirty water chemically not aggresive to the pump component. Their construction principle makes them particularly suitable for domestic use, in all cases where suspended solids up to ø 35 mm have to be dealt with, recommended applications threfore include draining flooded areas such as basements and garages and also for pumping domestic waste and the disposal of waste water.
These pumps are easy to install and reliable when used automatically in fixed installations. A purpose built pit with minimum dimensions 450x450x450h mm is recommended for fixed installations.

Structural Characteristics

Pump body : cast iron, with UNI ISO 228/1 11/2″ gas threaded delivery opening
Motor Sleeve : AISI 304 stainless steel
Suction Cover : AISI 304 stainless steel
Impeller : fibergless reinforced technopolymer, open vortex impeller
Motor shaft : AISI 416 stainless steel
Mechanical seal : carbon. alumina
Motor : Sealed induction in oil bath designed for continuous duty, The thermal cutout relay (motor protector) is incorporated Insulation class B
Protection :IP 68
Supply Cable : “H07 RN-F” neoprene submersible, supplied standard with 5 meters of
Cable and SCHUKO plug
EXTERNAL FLOAT SWITCH, standard equipment

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