Pompa Celup APP Kenji Deep Weel Pumps SP-05/10/18/25/40/75

Description : 

SP-05/10/18/25/40/75 [50 Hz)

4″ Super Stainless Steel Submersible Deep Weel Pump

Features : 

Non-polluting resistant, Stainless steel construction inside and Out.

The smoot safety hook will prevent the rope from abading, The built-in jam-free stainless steel check valve can effectively prevent backflow of water in the pipe from.

Affecting pump performance when the motor is not operating. Precision stainless steel intermediate chamber can help maintain optimum performance even when water pressure is greatest.

The high- performance high efficiency stainless steel impeller is one of the special features of this product. It is incomparaby superior to ordinary plastic or brass impellers in terms of abrasion resistance and service life.


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