Pompa Booster HCP/ Booster Pump HCP EQ -200-400-800


The HCP EQ series booster system is an all in-one compact and reliable automatic multistage centrifugal booster pump, which integrates motor pump, accumulator pressure switch and flow switch in one set. The flow switch equipped with EQ pump prevents the pump from continuously starting and stopping under small discharge, and provide stable water supply, which is ideal for domestic water supply. Liquid temperature Range : +50deg – +40 deg (normal mechanical Seal)
Maximum operating pressure : 5 kg/ cm2


All in one booster system, compact size, easy installation and quiet operation high efficiency multistage centrifugal pump. Electri-coating cast iron or stainless steel pump casing.

Stainless steel cover, rubber diaphragm, air pre-charge pressure tank.
Integral flow switch with built-in check valve. Dual motor wiring and pump casing thermal.
Reliable constant pressure motor controller


Buildig, House or apartment Roof Tank water supply boosting building or house city water supply boosting

Note :

Both EQ-200 and EQ-400 use steel plate motor frame : EQ-800 uses aluminium motor frame
EQ-200, 400, 800 are all with electro-coated cast iron pump casing
EQ-2005, 4008, 800S are with stainless steel pump casing
All the type are equipped with dual motor wiring and pump casing thermal protectors.

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