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Oval Gear flowmeters are instruments used for the continuous and intermittent measurement and control of the pipe liquid flow, which are typical of positive displacement meter, feature large flow range, low pressure loss, large viscosity range, easy installation, high accuracy and can measure high temperature, high viscosity liquids with easy calibration.
Type LC oval Gear flowmeters are fitted with on-site pointer indication and roller integration device which can indicate the liquid flow and intermittent flow passing through the pipeline. For the different liquids (acid, alkali, salt, organic solution etc.), the meters can be made of different materials (cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel etc.) . The meters are widely used for the flow measurement in the field of petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, traffic, food industries and commerce, medical and sanitary departments.

Product Classification:

  • LC-A : Cast-iron Oval Gear Flow meter, applied widely in various oil or other mediumwhich is not corrosive to cast iron material
  • LC-E : Cast-steel Oval Gear Flow meter, applied in the low-corrosive fluids with high pressure.
  • LC-Q : Cast-iron Oval Gear Flow meter, the rotors material is aluminum. Applied in thesituation when the fluids is low viscosity, low corrosive (such as gasoline)
  • LC-B,C : Stainless steel Oval Gear Flow meter, applied to strong corrosive fluids suchas acid, alkali, salty or organic chemicals.
  • LC-L : Aluminum oval gear flow meter, it is light type flow meter used to measurelow-corrosive fluids (such as water).

General Technical Specification:

  1. Materials of main parts and the nominal operating pressure
Shell and cover cover plate oval wheel Rotary shaft Sheath of shaft Nominal pressure(MPa)
LC-A Cast steel Cast iron Stainless steel Bronze(with oil) or rolling bearing 1.6
LC-E Cast steel Cast iron、Stainless steel Under DN50 6.3

DN80-100  4.0

DN150-200  2.5

LC-Q Cast iron Cast iron Alloy aluminum, engineering material graphite 1.6
LC-B、C Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel graphite 1.6、2.5
LC-L Cast


Cast iron,

Stainless steel


aluminum, engineering material

Bronze(with oil)、graphite、rolling bearing 1.6

1. OCr18Ni12Mo2Ti for type LC-C;OCr18Ni9Ti for type LC-B.

2. Flange is convex under 2.5MPa ,and roughness at 6.3 MPa;and both of the above at 4.0 MPa.

2. Accuracyclass class 0.5,class 0.2 (normal operatingtemperature -10°C~+60°C)

3. Measured media temp. (environment temperature -41°C~+50°C)
LC-A,B,C: -20°C~+60°C; 60°C~200°C(with high temp.radiator installed)
LC-Q,L: -20°C~+60°C;

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