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Woltex is a horizontal helix Woltmann meter, available in sizes from DN 50 to 500.

Extended Approved Range

Woltex is approved with normal flow range as per ISO 4064-1:1993, as class B and also, with superior permanent flow-rate. It

means that one size (DN) has 2 different flow range :

– N for Normal Permanent Flow Rate;

– G for Greater Permanent Flow Rate;

Greater version is special for metering points where peak flows are recurrent.

Ease of Installation, Read and Maintenance

Woltex range is available in various lengths and connections to minimize installation costs. Interchangeable approved mechanisms allows easy maintenance without re-calibration. Ease of read in the toughest environments (ie: flooded pits) is secured by orientable hermetically sealed register (copper can/ mineral glass envelope).

Endurance & Peak Flow Resistance
This extended approval is the result of more than twenty years experience in Horizontal Woltmann design, from the first hydrodynamically balanced helix patent in 1985 still resulting in unmatched endurance capabilities to the use of high quality


Working Principle

The water velocity is rotating the horizontal axis propeller. Special shape of its inlet and outlet bearing

1 is counteracting the natural hydraulic thrust applied on the propeller then preventing any downstream pivot wear. This hydrodynamic balance was firstly patented on Woltex range in 1985 and still features Woltex with unmatched enduring capacities. This results in a meter able to withstand sustained high flows without impacting low flow accuracy.This allows Woltex to be approved according the provisions of EEC/ISO with variable Qn extended range. The propeller rotation is transmitted by a protected transmission and direct magnetic coupling.

2 to the register. The cast iron body

3 is durably protected against the effects of corrosion by epoxy powder coating. The hermetically sealed copper can/mineral glass register

4 is safeguarding the read and integrity of the indicator in the toughest environments (flooded pits, mechanical tampering



Woltex is supplied pre-equipped with Cyble Target Allows communication and remote reading through:

  • Pulse output (Cyble Sensor)
  • M-Bus protocol (Cyble M-Bus)
  • Radio frequency wireless link (Cyble RF)
    Compatible with Itron complete offer for Metering Point Management (Automated Remote Reading, Metering Point Analyser, Automated Meter Data Collection):
  • AnyQuest
  • EverBlu
  • WaterMind
    These Cyble modules allow the Woltex meter to be connected with various associated systems if and when desired.
    They are particularly adapted to commercial and industrial applications where a need for frequent meter monitoring is expressed especially in hard-to-read locations.


Typical Performance
Nominal diameter (DN) : 20″ (500 mm)
Starting flowrate : 20 m3/h
Accuracy ± 2% from* : 40 m3/h
Accuracy ± 5% from* : 30 m3/h
Admissible peak flow (10’ max) : 7000 m3/h
Max. admissible flowrate (continuous) : 5000 m3/h
Head loss at Qmax : 0.3 bar
Max. admissible temperature : 50 °C
Max. admissible pressure : 20 bar
Min. scale interval : 20 L
Indicating range : 99999999 m3
Cyble HF pulse weight : 1000 L

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