Jual Flow Meter Aquametro VZO 40

A versatile flow meter for oil, heavy oil and many other oil-like liquids. It is used for efficient consumption measurement of heat burners and various combustion engines. A reliable solution for any application where oil is consumed.

Features :

  • State-of-the-art design
  • Electronic counter, mass flow, volume flow indication, analog, multiple output signals
  • Integrated temperature sensors
  • No straight inlets or outlets required
  • Independet of viscosity and temperature
  • High vibration resistance
  • Optional : Metrological type approvals
  • Auto medium switch over by temperature

Benefits :

  • Mass Flow measurements
  • Highly flexible mounting with very small space requirements
  • Reliable monitoring and flexible control of the system
  • Accurate measurements
  • A reliable solution with everything from a single supplier
  • Simplifies consumption optimizing

Operating principle :

Function :

CONTOIL flow meters work on the volumetric principle rotary piston meters (positive displacement meters).

The main features of this measuring principle are large measuring range, high acuracy, suitability for high viscosities and independence from power supply;flow disturbances do not influence proper operation.

Leading manufacturrs of oil burners and operators of hearing systems, ships or diesel engines relyon CONTOIL fuel oil meters – and good reasons.

The Anvantages of CONTOIL fuel oil meters :

  • Optimal Solution for every application
  • Mass flow measurements (VZF II types)
  • Integrated temperature sensors (VZF II types)
  • Simple burner setting with flow rate display (VZF II types)
  • Simple consumption monitoring with limiting value switch Qmin/Qmax (VZF II types)
  • Manual dosing feature, with a resettable counter (VZF II types)
  • Can be mounted on the pressure or suction side of a pump
  • Space-saving installation, because no straight inlet/outlet sections are required
  • Flexible mounting of the meter in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions
  • Accurate measurement result, since the reading is independent of the temperature and viscosity of the fluid
  • Minimum failure costs due to simple function monitoring, rapid fault analysis and the possibility of simple
    repairs on site

Areas Of Application :

  • To measure heating fuel consumption by oil burners (for example, in heating boilers, industrial furnaces, tar processing plants)
  • Consumption monitoring and optimisation (ships, generators, etc)
  • Flow measurement for mineral oils
  • Optional remote processing and integration into superior systems
  • Manual dosing / batching

Tecnichal Data :

Nominal diameter : 40 mm DN 40

Size : 1 1/2 Inch

Smallest readable amount : 0.1 l

Maximum registration capacity ; 10000 m3

Registration time until overrun Qcont (m3) : 1667 h

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