ITRON G65 Fluxi 2000/TZ Turbine Gas Meter

Deskripsi Produk ITRON G65 Fluxi 2000/TZ Turbine Gas Meter

ITRON G65 Fluxi 2000/TZ Turbine Gas Meter
Fluxi 2000/TZ meter are designed to measure natural
gas , and various filtered , and non corrosive gases.
They are used to measure medium to high ga flow,
at low , medium orhigh pressure
The Fluxi 2000/tz meters have been optimised for
use in all applications related to the transportation
and distribution of gas . Fluxi 2000/TZ meters are
approved for fiscal use.
The fluxi 2000/TZ meter is composed of
five main parts
> a body containing all the components
> a flow straightener to stabilise and accelerate
the gas flow before the turbine wheel
>ameasuring unit including the turbine wheel
>a magnetic coupling to transmit the
movement of the turbine wheel to the
> a totaiser to register the measured gas
Metrological approvals : EC (PTB) : 1.33-3271.51-ROM-E04
Intrinsic safety approval : L.C.I.E. 06ATEX 6031 X
Compliant with the Directive 94/9/EC
Flow Rate : From 8 mŸ/h , G65 TO G6500
Nominal diameters : From DN50 to DN500 mm (2″ to 20″)
Maximum working pressure : Up to 100 bar depending on the body material and flanging
Mounting : The Fluxi 2000/TZ meters can be installed either horizontally
or vertically , for the DN50 to DN300, and horizontally for the
DN400 and DN500
Body materials : Ductile iron , cast steel or welded steel
compliant with the pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC
Temperature range : Ambient :  30p to +60pC
Gas :  30p to +60pC
Storing temperature :  40p to +70pC
Technical data sheet
G size : G65
DN (mm) : 50
Max Flow (mŸ/h) : 100
Range ability : 10
1 Imp LF & Cyble (mŸ/Imp) : 0.1
Freq LF Qmax (Hz) : 0.28
1 Imp MF (dmŸ/Imp) : 5.2766
Freq MF Qmax (Hz) : 5.26
1 Imp HF2 (dmŸ/Imp) :
Freq HF2 Qmax (Hz) :
1 Imp HF3 (dmŸ/Imp) : 0.00868
Freq HF3 Qmax (Hz) : 3200
RPM Qmax (Rot /min) : 15999

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