High Capacity Middle Pressure Spray Gun Prona RAR-101-W

Function and Characteristics

  • Air intake, spray pattern width, coating output adjustment could be located outside of the machine. It can be controlled by remote, independently controlled to reduce operational incovenience. Suitable for mass spray and can be mounted on paint robt or automatic spray equipment.
  • The pressure in the air cap is below 0.7 bar, intake pressure can be adjusted freely to your needs to (2.0-3.5 bar), reduce coating rebound, coating saving, slim atomization amplitude, large spray pattern width, fine particles, perfect effect, efficient and rapid spraying.
  • This automatic spray gun is used widely in the industrial circle on account of convenient operation uniform atomization large spray pattern width, fine particles and light in weight. Common usable includes spraying on computer encasing, cellular phone shell cosmetic encasings, furnitures, hand tools, medicine, food, textile, glass, plastic rubber, publication, die-casing, hardware industry, etc.
  • Nozzle and needles are made of S1 stainless steel, suitable for water-based paints.

Specification Product :

Weight : 365 g

Fluid Nozzle Orifice : 0.8/1.0/1.3/1.5/1.8

Air pressure : 2.5– 3.0 bar (0.24 – 0.29 Mpa)

Air Consumption : 147-270 L/min

Pattern Width : 80-245 mm

Spray Distance : 200 mm

Coating Pressure : 0.8 bar

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