High Capacity Low Pressure Environmental Spray Gun Prona RAR-1000

Function and Characteristics

  • Perfect atomization, high transmitting efficiency, reduct of air consumption, and 20%-35% coating saving compared with general air spray gun, decrease vapour and sedimentation in the air cap, lower maintence and clerning fee.
  • Split design, and remove easily, after maintenance, no need to relocate during installation.
  • Coatinng cycles in spray gun that can avoid coating sedimentation
  • Smooth internal structure that can be easy to clean
  • Wearble nozzle and needle maket for, fit strong corrosive coating
  • High-performance spray gun is suitable for automoblile, plastic, woodwork, ceramics, industry.

Specification Product :

Weight : 545 g

Fluid Nozzle Orifice : 0.7/1.1/1.4/1.7

Air pressure : 2.0 bar (0.2 Mpa)

Air ConsumptionB : 280 L/min

Pattern Width : 180-290 mm

Spray Distance : 200 mm

Coating Pressure : 0.8 bar

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