Flowmeter SATAM ZCE-11 Gravity Metering System

Gravity metering system

Model ZCE 11-48

ZCE11-48 is a gravity metering unit for fuels. It is designed to rule out any fraud possibility during fuel transportation between depot and gas station. It allows to determine and to verify the delivered quantities without any contestation.


An anti-fraud system for gas station

The fuel delivered to the service station by the oil company is accurately measured in the depot during the truck loading. However, an accurate verification of quantities delivered to the gas station is almost impossible to perform.

Thus there is a possibility of product loss during fuel transportation from depot to gas station.

ZCE11-48 allows an accurate and non contestable measurement of fuel quantity delivered by the tank truck to the gas station.


A well tried technology

  • A rugged and reliable metering unit
  • Autonomous system, no need for power supply
  • Volumetric meter certified for fuel custody transfer measurements
  • Gas elimination device without connection to external atmosphere
  • Stainless strainer with easy access
  • Printer for delivery ticket as an option
  • Safe and user friendly device

A simple and user friendly device

  • Batch volume register with 5 digits and reset
  • Permanent volume totalizer with 8 digits
  • Easy to read display
  • Anti-fraud technology

An unfailing reliability

  • Certified for custody transfer measurements
  • Multi-product measurement
  • Not sensitive against temperature changes
  • Excellent measurement stability
  • Adjusting mechanism protected by sealing
  • Gas elimination directly downstream the meter with no risk of environmental pollution
  • Minimized maintenance costs


Technical data – Gravity metering system

Model : ZCE 11-48

Maximum flow rate m3/h – L/mn – USGPM : 24 – 450 – 121

Application : Horizontal unit for gravity reception

Measured parameters : Actual volume

Measured liquids : Petrol, premium fuels, diesel, E5…E85, bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, kerosene, fatty acid methyl ester, oils


Register material : Cast aluminum & Zamac (mechanical register) UV resistant polycarbonate (electronic register)

Meter material : Ductile or Ni resist Iron (casing) Aluminium (rotor) Graphite (blades)

Power supply : Not needed for mechanical register – 24VAC or 230 VDC for electronic register


Strainer – Gas elimination device : EC 42 / FS 24 model. 200μ filtering (70 Mesh) – horizontal basket filter. Gas release controlled by float and differential valve. Gas release direct after the meter

Meter : ZC 17-48 model PD Meter

Flow register : Mechanical register model VR, preset*, printer*, pulser*, (* : option) or Equalis electronic register with display, secure archiving of transactions

Operating conditions

Pressure : 10 bar

Viscosity : 20cSt max. – contact us about higher viscosities

Liquid temperature : -10 to + 55 °C

Ambient temperature : Standard -20 to + 55 °C

Metrological performance

Accuracy : ≤±0.15% – Option ≤±0.1% – for measurement range of 10 : 1

Repeatability : ≤±0.02%

Temperature accuracy : ≤0.5°C (only with electronic register)

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