Flow Meter LC MS-7 Digital

Liquid Controls M and MA Series rotary motion positive displacement (PD) meters offer the ultimate in measurement accuracy for custody transfer of petroleum products, aviation fuels, LPG, and a broad range of industrial liquids. LC meters incorporate a unique design, presenting minimal intrusion in a flowing stream of liquid, as well as minimal pressure drop through the meter.
The LC meter consists of a housing in which three synchronized rotors turn with no metal-to-metal contact. Hydraulic sealing is accomplished by a stationary boundary layer of liquid, not by the wiping action of mechanical parts.

Meters provide exceptionally accurate service when using Liquid Controls’ unique positive displacement metering principle, even under variable operating conditions (changes in temperature, pressure and viscosity). Provides the energy efficient and functional performance desired from an economical volumetric measuring instrument. Available with traditional mechanical seal or glandless magnetic driven pulse output device. A wide range of accessories are available to meet almost every metering need.

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Low maintenance, no metal-to-metal contact in measuring chamber
  • Aluminum materials of construction
  • Self-contained operation without electrical power or signal conditioning (for units equipped with mechanical registers, printers or presets); no special piping requirements
  • Electronic output and registration equipment where enhanced accuracy and electronic communications are needed
  • Weights & Measures approval (world-wide) for custody transfer with mechanical or electronic registration systems meeting API standards
  • Electronic accessories designed and approved to Class 1 Div. 2 standards

Superior performance features

Low pressure drop—will operate on gravity flow or pump pressure

Sustained accuracy—no wear from metal-to-metal contact inside the measuring chamber means minimal deterioration in accuracy over time, fewer recalibrations, and longer service life. Meters conform to NIST and International Weights and Measures accuracy requirements.

Wide temperature range—products can be metered accurately from -40° F (-40° C) to 160° F (71° C).

Wide viscosity range—LC meters can accurately meter products from less than 30 SSU (less than 1 centipoise) to 1,500,000 SSU (325,000 centipoise).

Maximum adaptability—right angle design with choice of stock or custom elbows/ fittings provides unequaled mounting flexibility to meet your installation requirements.

Performance Specifications

Liquid Controls positive displacement meters are engineered to provide accurate performance and a long, troublefree
service life requiring minimal maintenance with few replacement parts. The unique cast-case construction of
the M and MA Series meters results in low pressure drop for most liquids, delivering superior performance and
minimal demand on system pumps. The exclusive LC metering element eliminates inaccuracies due to clearance
changes, minimizes loads on bearings, eliminates axial thrust and performs with equal accuracy for forward or
reverse flow. M and MA Series meters’ compact design and multiple inlet/ outlet flange configurations provide
unmatched mounting versatility.

Accuracy/Performance :


Capable of 0.02% or better at any flow rate over entire range


  • Over 5:1 range

Mech. registration: capable of ±0.125% or better from max. nom. flow rate
Elect. registration: capable of ±0.10% or better from max. nom. flow rate

  • Over 10:1 range

Mech. registration: capable of ±0.22% or better from max. nom. flow rate
Elect. registration: capable of ±0.10% or better from max. nom. flow rate

  • Over 40:1 range

Mech. registration: capable of ±0.5% or better from max. nom. flow rate
Elect. registration: capable of ±0.15% or better from max. nom. flow rate

Temperature range

-40º F to 160º F (-40º C to 71º C)


Specification Product :

Model : MS-7

Size : 7

Fitting Size : 2 Inc

Max. Nominal Flow Rate : 100 GPM

Max. Nominal Flow Rate : 378 LPM

Max. Nominal Flow Rate : 23 M3/H

Max. Pressure : 150 PSI

Max. Pressure : 10.3 BAR

Max. Pressure : 1034 kPA

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