Flow Meter Gasboy Series 4460 Fuel Meter

Flow meter Gasboy Series 4460

For delivery rates between 8 and 40 GPM; 30 and 151 LPM.

  • High Capacity
  • Heavy Duty
  • Accurate
  • For gasoline, diesel or kerosene
  • U.S. gallons and tenths, or
  • Imperial gallons and tenths, or
  • Liters and tenths

This is the high-speed, high-capacity, heavy-duty meter register for individual deliveries of gasoline, diesel or kerosene that is flowing at high rates: up to 40 GPM (151 LPM), and pressures up to 50 psi (3.5 kg/cm2). Calibrated accuracy is 1/2% of registration at full flow.

The Model 4460 utilizes a nutating disc type meter. It is operated solely by the liquid passing through it, and requires no external power. The meter can be mounted in any position without affecting its accuracy. It consists of a brass measuring chamber which holds the center of the aluminum nutating disc in a ball-and-socket hub arrangement. This measuring chamber is precisely positioned in the meter’s cast iron housing.

Field Recalibration

These meters will accurately measure liquids with viscosities less than 120 SSU (60oF) at flow rates up to 40 GPM (151 LPM) and at pressures up to 50 psi. They are for consumer use only. Factory calibrated accuracy is 1/2% of registration or better, at full flow. If changing conditions require that the meter be calibrated, a needle valve is provided for this purpose. Step by step instructions are given in the parts list, available on request.

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