Ebara JESX Series Self Priming

Self priming with hydraulic parts in AISI 304 stainless steel

  • Practical
  • Easy to transport
  • Light


  • Supply of drinking water
  • Domestic pressure boosting
  • Small-scale garden and swimming pools
  • Moving clean water in general

Specification Pump : 

Liquid handled
Type of liquid Clean water
Temperatures (°C) Minimal +5, maximal +45
Max working pressure (Mpa) 6
Impeller Closed centrifugal type
Shaft seal type Mechanical seal
Bearing Sealed ball bearing
Casing AISI 304
Impeller AISI 304
Shaft seal Ceramic/ carbon/ NBR
Casing cover AISI 304
Shaft AISI 304
Bracket Aluminium
Ejector PPE + PS glass fibre reinforced
Diffuser PPE + PS glass fibre reinforced
Pipe Construction
Suction (inch) G1 1/4 UNI ISO 228
Discharge (inch) G1 1 UNI ISO 228

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