Dyna-Fog Silver Cloud

Detail Dyna-fog Siver Cloud : 

Utilizes twin resonant pulse-jet engines. Produces high output of dense fog for the control or flying insect such as mosquitoes, gnat, house flies, sand flies and black flies.

The latest designs are used in the construction of the air and fuel system to ensure reliable and consistent starting and running. A new features is the ability to start the machine directly at the engines.

Remote control box allows the operator to control the running of the engines and the fog output from the cab.

Features :

  • Twin pulse jet engines for prolonged life
  • Engine cut-off button operators hand
  • Automatic cut-off formulation pumps in the event of engine failure
  • All formulation controls at operators hand
  • Can be coupled to any standard chemical pump
  • Formulation and fuel tanks are not pressurized

Specifications : 

  • Formulation output : 0-10 gallons/ hr; 0-151.4 liters/hr; covers 250.000 cubic feet or 6500 cubic meters/min
  • Droplet size : 0.5-50 microns VMD
  • Engine : Twin pulse jet engine; 88 Hp; 66 kW; 56.000 Kcal/hr
  • Fuel Consumption : 1.2 GPH; 4.5 liters/hr
  • Weight : Empty : 106 lbs; 48.2 kg, Ful : 144 lbs; 65.5 kg
  • Fuel tank (Aluminium) : 6 gallons; 9.5 liters; non pressurized
  • Formulation Tank : Non-pressurized; belt driven, rotary gear pump attachmens provide to connect to 55 gallon (200 liter) drum
  • Remote control : Engine cut off, formulation on/off individual engine indicator light, fogging indicator light fuel gauge, formulation output control
  • Dimensions : 68x24x22 inches; 170x60x55cm (lxwxh)

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