CNP Pump Niso

General Data
Definition Of Model
Niso 100-65-200/30
Niso : End suction diameter (mm)
65 : Drainage diameter (mm)
200 : Nominal diameter (mm) of impeller
30 : Motor power (kW)

Min Inlet Pressure

Min inlet pressure depents on NPSH + 0.5 m safety margin + gasified pressure. It should be re-calcuated the inlet pressure if one of the following happens.

  • The liquid is more warm
  • The flow exceeds the nominate value
  • Suction distance is very long or inlet pipe is very long
  • system pressure is too little
  • Inlet pressure is low

Typical Application

  • Clean, thin, non-corrosive, non-flammable, or non-explosive liquid without grain of fiber
  • Water suppy system
  • Heat, air condition system
  • Booster, constant pressure water supply
  • Firefighting, spiltting system
  • Irrigation, farming
  • Industry cooling, heater circulation system
  • Industry transfering drainage system


  • Non-self priming, single stage suction, horizontal axial suction and radical discharge pu, p body is fixed by base
  • Use bearing cardle, which can orientate bearing, prevent from radical vibration improve the regidity of rotary part
  • Compacted shaft, use deep grove graese lubricated roller bearing
  • Connect pump and motor with semi-flexible coupling
  • Use standard wearable mechanical seal
  • TEFC motor, size complies to IEC standard, installation type B3


Flow Max 520 m3/h
Head Max 160 m
Working pressure Max 16 bar
Inlet pressure Max 6 bar
Power Max 160 kW
Liquid temperature 15°C – 110°C
Inlet and Outlet diameter Inlet diameter DN50-DN200
Outlet diameter DN32-DN 150

Curve Conditions

  • Curves tolerance is according to ISO 9906, Annex A
  • All curves based on the measured value of constant motor speed 2900 rpm, 2950 rpm, 145 rpm or 1480 rpm
  • The measurement is were made with airless water at temperature of 20°C. The curves apply to a kinematic viscosity 1 mm2/s (i cst)


  • Back-pull-out design without having to disturb pump body and pipelines when servicing
  • All the models only use 4 kinds of pump shaft and bearing cover, make parts exchangeable
  • Impeller is optimum design, inlet is enlarged, no whirlpool, deduct the water pump NPSH efficiency, which make pump work stable with little noise
  • Casing and casing cover use neck ring structure which makes pump easy to mountain, make parts work longer The replaceable seal ring, makes pump work efficiently in a long time.

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